Here are some spoilers of Glee: A New Sound.

Note: some of this spoilers here might change.

Episode 1x1: A New SoundEdit

  • Auditions will take place this episode. Only the best of the best will be chosen.

Featured Music

Episode 1x02: Friendly CompetitionEdit

  • Jealous of Chace and Ariana's relationship, Rachel goes over her head to make herself look like Ariana, causing some drama between the couple.
  • The SingStarz and the New Directions go head to head in an un-supervised Diva-Off

Featured Music

  • Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne. Sung by Rachel.
  • (That's) Not My Name by The Ting Tings. Sung by Aria.
  • Judas by Lady GaGa. Sung by The SingStarz.
  • Where Have You Been by Rihanna. Sung by the New Directions


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