Ryan Thomas
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Family & Friends
Sexuality: Gay
Friends: Ariana Channing (Best friend)
Other Information
Interests: Singing
Clique: Popular kids
Education: William McKinley High School
Series Information
First appearance: A New Sound
Portrayer: Tom Daley

Ryan Thomas is a main character in Fleurism's fanfiction, Glee: A New Sound.

He was created by wiki member Theatregleek1995


Ryan is extremely handsome. He has brown eyes and brown hair and is very tan. He stands at around 5'7 and weighs 130 pounds. People find his smile very attractive and cute because of his dimples.


Ryan can light up a room with his outgoing and bubbly persona. He’s friendly and kind to anyone he likes. If he doesn't care for you though, watch out, he has a way with words and making them sting. But he’s also very competitive and headstrong and has his mind set on Broadway. He’s very confident in his talent. He’s not afraid to show it. He’s honest and when someone asks his honest opinion he will give it. He's a sweetheart deep down but his confidence gets the best of him at times.


Ryan's parents had him when they were still in high school. His parents enrolled him in dance classes and vocal lessons at a young age and he has been performing for 10 years. He’s starred in several theatrical productions and has been featured in a few roles on minor television shows. His parents divorced when he was seven. His new step father was abusive to his mother so Ryan left and went to go live with his grandmother. He still visits his mother and father every now and again. He is an honor student and the star of the theatre department. His family is blissfully unaware that he is gay. He doesn’t want to tell his mother because she’s extremely religious and he doesn’t want to tell his father because he’s afraid he’ll blame himself because of the divorce and not having a man in his life on a daily basis. He dreams of one day starring on Broadway.