Gunnar Kenton
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Hair Color: Light brown
Eye Color: Bluish-gray
Family & Friends
Family: Unnamed parents
Sexuality: Straight
Other Information
Interests: Singing


Series Information
First appearance: A New Sound
Portrayer: Nico Tortorella

Gunnar Kenton is a main character in Fleurism's fanfiction, Glee: A New Sound.

He was created by wiki member Dare-2-Dream


Gunnar is average height, standing around 5’10”. He has light brown hair that never seems to tame and is fit and healthy. Gunnar has blind blue eyes. He is never seen walking with a walking stick, and rarely wears the shaded sunglasses.


Gunnar seems to be distant. He is a loner and shy. When he does talk, he is cold and sarcastic and sharp. He has a lot of emotions bottled deep down. Gunnar has experienced the harsh side of life and knows it’s not gumdrops and rainbows. Deep down, there is a softer side to Gunnar, but he only allows certain people to see it. He’s independent, shy, and lonely.


Gunnar was born blind. Up to the fourth grade, his mother basically forced Gunnar to go to special schools for the blind, but his father wanted Gunnar to attend public schools. When his mother left for unknown reasons when Gunnar went into the fifth grade, his father let Gunnar go to public schools, and then Gunnar’s father went into a deep depression, leaving Gunnar to fend for himself. Gunnar became very independent, but constantly got bullied for being blind. Gunnar never had any real friends, so all his life, he felt alone. During this time, Gunnar spent most of his time in his room, where he could perfect his singing voice.


A New SoundEdit